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Nickie and Elaine are Smith Lavelle, we met 16 years ago whilst working together at the Bank of Scotland plc.  Working through the ranks we learnt and developed a whole range of skills from implementing policies and processes through to recruitment and the development of operational and sales staff, managing many teams along the way. 

We have been told we have a rare ability to transfer enthusiasm, helping people to look at their roles and encourage them to adopt a WIIFM (what’s in it for me) approach which makes a positive impact on both them and their employer. Our combined expertise and talent, together with our interest in understanding people and their behaviours led to the formation of Smith Lavelle.

At Smith Lavelle we use our knowledge and experience to provide solutions which build and develop the capability of your business and your team, based in Liverpool, we have delivered training solutions to clients across the UK including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Chester and Blackpool.

Our Values:

At Smith Lavelle we will:

If you would like to find out more about how Smith Lavelle could make a real difference to your business contact us on either 0845 519 6096 or email