bespoke training

Why not take advantage of sessions we have already written?  This can save you time and money. We can deliver whole sessions or modules depending on your needs.  In addition from our initial free consultation we will be able to make the delivery of the session personal to you and your team. We also provide the option of certification or accreditation of sessions and modules depending on your requirements.

We have an extensive library of sessions available, including:

 ‘A staggering 90 per cent of companies said training had resulted in demonstrable benefits such as increased productivity, improved employee morale, better employee commitment and involvement in the business National Employer Skills Survey 2007 (NESS 07)’

‘If a business increases its investment in HR, training or people management by around 10 per cent, this would result in: -
– An increase in gross profits per employee up to £1,568
– An increase in operating profit per employee up to £1,284'
Source: People & The Bottom Line. P Tamkin, M Cowling, W Hunt (2008)