bespoke training

Is your team Forming, Storming , Norming, Performing or Mourning?  *

At each stage it can pay to take time out to focus on the teams current needs.

With a new team at the ‘forming’ stage it pays dividends to bring the team together to build relationships and share knowledge to take them closer to ‘performing’  and helping the team to get over the tricky ‘storming’ stage. When you reach ‘norming’ its important to maintain focus on your goals, making sure everyone understands their role and knows they have the support they need.

When a team is ‘performing’ it’s a good time to stop and say ‘thank you’ and as you pause for breath look at ways of being even better.
And finally when the team goes its separate ways it’s a great opportunity to transfer knowledge, acknowledge everyone’s contribution and celebrate achievement.

Smith Lavelle team builds are always bespoke, but that doesn’t mean expensive. With team builds from £500.00 will work within your budget, we look to meet your current needs making, events fun, educational  and/or relaxing.

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*Bruce Tuckerman’s Team theory